[theora-dev] YUV4MPEG2 file and rawvideo file

janaka priyadarshana rpjanaka at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 02:30:13 PDT 2007

hi all

as the input stream for the "encoder_example", it could give "YUV4MPEG2"

can we use any other file type.....?

insted of "YUV4MPEG2" file, i want to use "rawvideo" file ,

because i want to compare theora with xvid codec.
so that i need to encode a video (same video) using both theora and xvid.
but both these codecs does not operate on the same input file type (i am
working with the example encoders provided with the package).

please can anyone help me to convert a YUV4MPEG2 file to rawvideo file or
vice versa.

Janaka Priyadarshana
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