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André Costa andre.lnc at gmail.com
Wed May 30 02:39:50 PDT 2007


I had a lot of problems with the compilation, but I got to generate a binary
for LEON.
However, there is a error when I run this in LEON (at FPGA). I will to
explain what I am doing.

Firstly, it is the my compilation:

# Clean all
cd /path_theora_hw/
make distclean
cd libogg-1.1.3/
make distclean

# Set CROSS-Compiler and parameters
export CC=sparc-elf-gcc
export CXX=sparc-elf-gcc
export CFLAGS='-mv8 -msoft-float'

#Configure and install OGG lib
./configure --prefix=/path_theora_hw/ --target=sparc-elf --host=sparc-elf
#I need to generate the bin's of OGG for LEON too and install in the
make install

#Configure and make Theora for LEON (sparc)
cd ../
./configure --prefix=/path_theora_hw/ --target=sparc-elf --host=sparc-elf
#Here, I am compiling lib of theora and a dump_video_hardware.c


This dump_video_hardware.c is a modified file of dump_video.c that I created
in order to test a player in LEON. I removed all file's functions and I am
compiling with a vetor of inputs of datas encoded.

Well, with these commands and some details* (below I will comment), I get
the binary for LEON.
But, when I run there is this erro.

IU in error mode (tt = 0x07)
400013a4 e8220011 st %l4, [%o0 + %l1]

I got some informations from leon_sparc list and the trap type 0x07 is a
memory access to unaligned address.
So my store "st %l4,[%o0+%l1]" is trying to save register l4 to an unaligned
address (o0+l1).
Some architectures support unaligned stores by SPARC does not (just in 4 by
4 bytes).
Firsly I thought that it could be a bad compilation, but most likely it is
not a bad compilation.
Some of the code may not be SPARC compatible and needs rewriting.
I debug this and I discovered that this error is from function
ogg_sync_pageout() (OGG lib).
This function do some copies of buffers and it should be doing some
unaligned access.
I will probably have to rewrite this, but it depends on how the code was
written in the first place some times it can be easily solved by aligning
data structures.

I can believe this! , Bad news!! Timothy and Ralph, do you have any idea? do
you know the OGG lib?

* Some considerations..
- A other doubt is with a file included in ogg/ogg.h, that is the
It is a C header that is in "/usr/include/sys/sys.h". Then, when this file
is include I don't know if any libray (and/or define's) compiled to my
computer (x86) is linked. I think its improbable, but maybe it can be the
cause of the problem.

- The Cross compile didn't get recognize the function toupper() in the
tagcompare() <comment.c>. Because I am not using this (I think its just used
in Encoder) I disabled this.


André Costa

On 5/24/07, Ralph Giles <giles at xiph.org> wrote:
> On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 06:19:20PM -0300, André Costa wrote:
> > Now I am working on BCC Cross-compiler in order to get the binaries for
> > LEON3 (Google SoC 2007).
> Woohoo! :)
> > I changed these lines of Makefile ...
> >
> > CC = sparc-elf-gcc -mv8 -msoft-float
> > CPP = sparc-elf-gcc -mv8 -msoft-float -E
> I agree libtool is probably not picking up on the change. Try something
> like CC="sparc-elf-gcc -mv8 -msoft-float" ./configure --target=sparc-elf
> and see if that works better.
> The GNU autotools generally have very poor support for cross-compilation
> though. It is probably worth just writing a custom makefile for it. Copy
> the list of relevent files from lib/(*/)Makefile.am and copy the
> relevent defines from config.h.in. You probably want:
> I don't think the library requires any of the others.
> -r
> > PS: I wasn't getting to communicate with the LEON in FPGA by serial
> > interface, but I discovered the problem. The number code of my FPGA was
> > slightly different. The difference was just in mapping of pins. When I
> > changed of FPGA (to a cyclone), I got to run a hello word! For while I
> am
> > using the cyclone, but after I will need to map all the pins.

André Costa
Gerente Técnico
Projeto BrazilIP

Cel: + 55 13 9201 1870
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