[theora-dev] Next step of Hardware Theora

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at vt.edu
Wed May 9 19:19:31 PDT 2007

>> Derf, what do you think?

I don't know enough about the complexity implementing an SDRAM
controller to say whether it should be one of the "primary goals" or a
"secondary goal, time permitting". However, I think it would be nice to
shoot for completing integration with Leon by the midterm date (the week
of July 9; in approximately two months).  Then you will have the entire
second half of the project to focus on the SDRAM controller. That may
not be enough to finish it if it is really as complex as last year's
entire GSoC project, but I would think you could make some good
progress. When you talk to your professor tomorrow, he may be able to
give you a better idea whether or not this is reasonable.

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