[theora-dev] Theora running on FPGA

Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga lpiga at terra.com.br
Mon May 7 12:51:10 PDT 2007

Great news! Theora is running on FPGA.

After almost a year of a great effort we have Theora validated on
FPGA. Now I will try to integrated the hardware with a video
controller to see the video!

I completely implemented the ExpandBlock, CopyRecon, LoopFilter and
UpdateUMVBorder functions.

The ReconRefFrames function was partially implemented and the part
before will run on a software compiled for Altera Nios2 Processor.

The implementation is based on version alpha6 and due FPGA SRAM memory
constraints the maximum resolution is about 280x210. Increase the
resolution, will require a SDRAM controller. The hardware has a module
to manage the access to the buffer then I think that wouldn't be
difficult to do this change, but for the moment I won't do that.

Others future project could be a completely hardware implementation or
the integration with a  nonproprietary processor.

I will comment the code better and post in the SVN the quickest as
possible. I will did a little movie with the video playing when I
finish the integration with the VGA controller.

I want thanks Felipe Portavales Goldstein to the support and help.

Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga
Undergraduate Computer Engineering Student

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