[theora-dev] theora-mashup

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Tue Mar 13 06:59:18 PDT 2007


as the idea of mashing up the best encoder and decoder we have into  
one library several times recently, i went ahead and put together  
such a library.
i tried it with several players for decoding and ffmpeg2theora &  
gstreamer for encoding.
the latest version is in svn at:

	svn co https://svn.xiph.org/experimental/j/theora-mashup/

with theora-mashup we are closer to something that could be a 1.0  
release of libtheora.
theora-mashup is intended to be a drop-in replacement for libtheora- 
alpha7 - maintaining
API and ABI compatibility and at the same time providing a decoder  
that supports the full spec.

please test and send patches,

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