[theora-dev] svn access and formal things.

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at email.unc.edu
Sun Dec 23 16:36:57 PST 2007

Ralph Giles wrote:
> BTW, are you working on the encoder, decoder or both? If the encoder 
> note that there's a rewrite going on which affects the encoder's asm
> routines. You might want to pay attention to it in your work.

The encoder asm needed to be largely rewritten (or at least cleaned up)
anyway, but I was waiting for all the other changes to happen before I
tackled that.

> Well, the encoder and decoder have different styles. We're not real 
> sticklers, but trying to match local style is always appreciated. SVN
> will take care of line endings for you.

Monty's already screwed up a lot of the decoder formatting (though at
least his tabs are 8 spaces, which is a lot better than _some_ people).
I'll probably go through and clean things up at some point just to force
myself to review the code.

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