[theora-dev] Blog post about Theora and MSVC assembly

Nils Pipenbrinck n.pipenbrinck at cubic.org
Sat Dec 22 05:34:29 PST 2007

Hi Timothy,

> It's a bit more than just the function calls and stack management
> (which, with inline asm, can actually be avoided completely in many
> cases). There's also all the different conventions which gcc handles for
> you. 

I know. There is always a bit of ABI glue code needed. The code 
generation approach would handle this problem.

However, I made up my mind and do it the simple way. We don't need such 
a thing just to compile a bunch of functions. It's my main research 
thing, therefore I always see more places where it would solve problems 
than there actually are :-)

> So that's my view on the subject. As the one who would actually be doing
> the work, Nils, what's your take?

I will most probably go the intrinsic way. The generated code is not as 
good as handwritten assembly but its not that bad either. If I'm not 
mistaken the Microsoft compilers for 64 bit don't support inline 
assembly anyways, and I want the 64bit folks to benefit from the code as 


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