[theora-dev] Experimental release of Ghost/CELT 0.0.1

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon Dec 10 14:46:10 PST 2007

> Not bad.  I somewhat had the impression that the non-adaptive huffman
> coding was one thing holding patent free codecs (ie Vorbis, Theora)
> back.
> So any chance we're also going to see upgrades to Vorbis, Theora? :)

No, that would break compatibility. You need a new codec. That's what
we're working on, but it will take time (and probably not replace Vorbis

> Personally I would be more interested in listening to a 32kbit sample.
> This is a bitrate I never managed Vorbis to output any decent quality
> at.  Compared to some 32kbit realaudio webcasts I've listened to which
> were almost artifact free. 

There's a 37 kbps mode, but it's only does something decent for speech
(quite bad on music).

> Hmm, your code compiles, but I don't seem to
> find the bitrate knob.  I guess this is because it's not yet
> implemented?

It's very crude, there's mode1 (37 kbps) and mode2 (57 kbps) that you
can use (and mode3 doesn't work). Don't worry, it's not intended to stay
like that.


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