[theora-dev] New Java wrapper for theora/ogg/vorbis libraries using JNA

Ken Larson forum at larsontechnologies.com
Wed Aug 22 10:02:21 PDT 2007

I thought you might be interested to know I've wrapped the 
theora/vorbis/ogg libraries for Java using JNA.

This is a subproject of FMJ, and is called theora-java.  It has no 
JMF/FMJ dependencies itself, it is just a wrapper.  It has its own 
release under the FMJ downloads, and is in FMJ's CVS tree under theora-java.

Included is a Java version of player_example.c,  a simple standalone 
.ogg audio/video (vorbis/theora) player.

FMJ's website is

Ken Larson

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