[theora-dev] mingw compilation and changes?

Ken Phillis dandel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 22:44:50 PDT 2006

during some testing i found that with the following toolkit i have
found, and correctly identified issues pertaining to theora and
mingw32 on windows...

the tools:

Mingw5.0.x ( full install of all posibly components )
extra api, namely the winapi 3.7 from the mingw site
directx 7 files from libsdl website
msys and msysDTK v 1.x

the libraries...


the problems found, identified and possibly already fixed.

libvorbis failing on configure, put the order of, libvorbisenc then
libvorbis (errors about not finding some info function )

dsp.h fails during the compile, remove line 22 or do something about
that considering libogg version 1.1.3 has that already defined.

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