[Theora-dev] question from beginner (YCbCr to RGB)

LS PLOTINKA linesoft at plotinka.ru
Mon Mar 14 21:06:42 PST 2005

Hello, i'm sorry for my English is not good.

I need help with convert yuv_buffer data (YCbCr) to RGB without SDL.
I write:
        BYTE *frame=new BYTE[YUV_BUFFER.y_height*YUV_BUFFER.y_width*4];

        for(int cc=0; cc<YUV_BUFFER.y_height*YUV_BUFFER.y_width; cc++)


                //R = Y + 1.371(CR - 128)
                //G = Y - 0.698(CR - 128) - 0.336(CB - 128)
                //B = Y + 1.732(CB - 128)
                //A = 255


But it seems to me that this code is incorrect, because don't use y_stride,
uv_height, uv_width, uv_stride fields.

File libtheora-1.0alpha4.pdf doesn't contain enough useful information
concerning these fields: y_stride, uv_height, uv_width, uv_stride.

Please, write an example-code for needeed YCbCr to RGB convertion or
give me link where wrote about that.

ls, russian enthusiast.

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