[Theora-dev] Very visible artefacts on still frames

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Wed Jul 6 02:55:54 PDT 2005


> While quality is excellent during scenes with motion, all still frames have 
> some very annoying problems. A still frame usually appears for dramatic 
> pause (a character's face usually), or when there is a black screen with 
> text-only ("A few hours later..."). When the still frame initially appears, 
> it looks good, but as it stands still, its quality quickly degrades. Along 
> object borders in the image, dots appear in what looks like dithering 
> patterns grouped in small square blocks.

I had that problem too, and Aaron Colwell fixed something in cvs that
caused this.  So the latest CVS version should work, give it a try.
Ralph was going to do a new release with this fix soon, but I guess he's
waiting on some comments on the granulepos thingy.  Ralph ?


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