[theora-dev] last call for beta 1

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Tue May 25 03:14:10 PDT 2004

> Recommend we put it out as Alpha-4, not Beta-1.  Have Beta-1 closely 
> follow with docs/etc.  Remember the idea before that there'd be no 
> change in bitstream between the last Alpha and Beta-1.
> This way Beta-1 can be released with docs and sample videos, etc.
> Also, if Monty hits his date for OggFile then Beta-1 could ship with 
> OggFile support, and we'd have pleanty of time to get the tools sorted 
> out/etc.
plenty of time might not be the issue here.
getting out Beta-1 will get more people using libtheora. not getting it
out will not fix possible flaws.
OggFile was never a goal for Beta-1 (http://wiki.xiph.org/TheoraTodo)

as a compromise instead of having Beta-1 released closely after Alpha-4,
what about a fixed release date i.e.
June 1  - Alpha-4
June 8  - Beta-1


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