[theora-dev] theora release todos

Arc Riley arc at xiph.org
Mon Mar 1 19:09:40 PST 2004

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 01:50:22PM +1100, Conrad Parker wrote:
> I suggest we freeze the logical bitstream as soon as possible and
> release the implementation as alpha3.

Alpha-3 is comming out soon.  I believe the idea was that, hopefully, no 
bitstream change would happen between Alpha-3 and Beta-1, but no 

Beta-1 is where the format gets frozen.

<p>> 2.1 Encoder
> Currently, the encoder in libtheora isn't installed by default and has
> a generic name. Nonetheless it serves two purposes quite well: it can
> build interleaved theora+vorbis streams, and it's a useful reference for
> tool authors. As soon as the bitstream format is frozen this shoudl be
> ready to go, and is critical so people can actually build streams.
> 2.2 Player
> Is the wiki todo item concerning audio buffering still valid?
> Considering a few widely used players already support theora, we should
> continue to not install this by default.

I believe these need to get moved to another package.  including them 
with libtheora adds SDL as a dependency, which makes it more difficult 
to compile libtheora on machines for, say, video streaming only. 

ogg-tools ? theora-tools?  anything else.  Let's just, please, move it.

> 4. Documentation
> 4.1 Spec documentation
> Is already well underway, ie. Mike's VP3 doc.
> 4.2 API docs
> I'd be willing to do Doxygen style docs for libtheora, does anyone object?

There's also the python reference decoder.  That should get done in the 
next three weeks or so.

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