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Wed Jun 30 01:27:25 PDT 2004

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> > When i play it back... i get an all pink frame... with slight movement
> > the top edge of teh frame and occasionally horizontal white lines at the
> top
> > of the frame which get brighter then fade then scroll a bit then
> > disappear.... does that mean anything to anyone ?
> >
> > Maybe i need to boost the quality settings right up to.
> OK... well i fixed it (kind of)... i was overwriting the buffer and not
> advancing my pointers properly... which is why the activity was only in
> top of the screen as i was overwriting the entire buffer over the first
> line. Now it does produce proper output at least until it crashes.
> Now some new crashing bugs to fix !

OK... i found my craching bug... my buffer was not big enough to output to.
So what i need to know is what is the maximum possible size packet that
theora can output ?

Is there some rough guestimation formula i can use to find it based on
parameters... or failing that... just the maximum possible size... though
considering i think i read theora can handle 2mil pixel squared images... i
think an absolute max value is not really realistic...



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