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> > For the bitrate fields... what happens if i set it to 0 ? Will it do
> > default action ?
> as you can see in the example encoder, than bitrates are set to 0 the
quality mode
> is used. you should scale the video quality from 0-10(as the example
> encoder does) and use the internal values from 0-63.

But this is coded into the encoder example... not libtheora... ie libtheora
expects the application to use those quality numbers to generate a bitrate
value... I've actually been playing with that... and setting it to zero
really does attempt to make a 0 bitrate file... and i got 4 minutes of
720x480 into 200k of compressed video...

So i've tried upping the values to 1000000, and i get larger files... about
900k this time which still seems way too small... it should be about 5-7

When i play it back... i get an all pink frame... with slight movement at
the top edge of teh frame and occasionally horizontal white lines at the top
of the frame which get brighter then fade then scroll a bit then
disappear.... does that mean anything to anyone ?

Maybe i need to boost the quality settings right up to.



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