[Theora-dev] Encoding theora...

j at thing.net j
Tue Jun 29 12:34:50 PDT 2004

> For the bitrate fields... what happens if i set it to 0 ? Will it do some
> default action ?
as you can see in the example encoder, than bitrates are set to 0 the quality mode
is used. you should scale the video quality from 0-10(as the example
encoder does) and use the internal values from 0-63.

> Also the aspect ratio fields... i am just setting
> aspect_numerator = videoWidth
> aspect_denominator = videoHeight
> Am i correct in doing this ? Any restrictions ?
as just discussed on irc this is the *pixel* aspect ratio.
here is a nice table to get an idea of the mess.

if you do not want any scaling set it to 0:0


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