[Theora-dev] patches for theora

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas
Mon Jun 7 02:21:54 PDT 2004


I've made two patches against current svn for theora; one for general
autotools stuff, and one for -uninstalled.pc

Ralph, I think I submitted at least part of the first already once
before, was there something wrong with it or was it just an oversight ?
Let me know if they need fixing.

Patches are at
together with explanations.

I think it'd be nice if the first autotool patch makes the beta1
release; esp. the includedir bug is embarassing.

The second one I believe was discussed before; personally I feel it is
useful to have -uninstalled.pc files for "unstable" libraries since it
allows people to work on them easily without messing up their installs.
I'll be going through the whole xiph stack and try and uniformize build

Let me know,

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