[theora-dev] lib-multiogg

Daniel Holth dholth at fastmail.fm
Sat Feb 21 21:36:08 PST 2004

As ogg gains more codecs, moving forward into the brave new world of
multi-codec streams, the cutting edge cannot press forward effectively
without a way to abstract out many of the parts of dealing with
multi-codec ogg streams.   It's tricky to get these things right.  Every
program that uses ogg needs a reliable way to find out when chained
streams begin and end, which codecs a given stream contains, and so on.

So I only would have to get that trickiness done right once, and to
greatly reduce the amount of duplicated work between programs that deal
with multi-codec streams like audio streaming servers and source
clients, I've been working on a little library.  I think I might call it

Right now, it helps my personal versions of libshout and icecast
understand and stream flac, and, beautifully but without a great player,
theora+vorbis talkies.  It doesn't do seeking or decoding yet, just the
metadata and elapsed playback time that icecast and libshout would need,
but perhaps it could be extended to do decoding or even encoding.  

It might turn out kindof like VorbisFile only not just for vorbis.

If there's interest I can clean up my code so more people can play with

The future of open source streaming media is waiting.

- Daniel Holth

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