[Theora-dev] 80% there

Andrey Filippov theora at elphel.com
Mon Dec 20 01:22:31 PST 2004

Sorry, I had to have a nearly 3 week break from the project so I missed my
estimated end date. Needed to take care of hardware manufacturing issues
for both 11 megapixel model 323 cameras and this new model 333. The model
333 board is updated and ordered, if the first one will be tested OK (as
was the original one I'm working with now) we'll have a small batch of the
production 333 cameras build next month - some will be available for

Now I'm back in this project, put together all the code (it used some 56%
of the general logic resources and 20 of 24 Block RAMs) - and will start
to simulating it together and applying timing constraints tomorrow.


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