[Theora-dev] theora playlist extension

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Mon Aug 23 16:21:10 PDT 2004

> If you just meant serverside generation, most people do use cgi to
> do this, and I believe icecast has this built in, so a request for
> http://icecast.server.net/stream.ogg.m3u will generate an 
> audio/mpegurl response that points to the .ogg url.
> Are either of those what you mean?
exactly to link to an ogg vorbis stream on an icecast server you link it
with http://icecast.server.net/stream.ogg.m3u, which will launch 
in most cases your favorite music player.
how should this be done with ogg theora streams?

real uses ram files, much like m3u just a text file that contains the
url to the stream
quicktime/mp4 often uses sdp, or quicktime files with links to the
quicktime stream/movie itself.


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