[Theora-dev] theora_decode_init bug

Erik Olofsson erik.olofsson
Thu Aug 5 14:08:16 PDT 2004

th->internal_encode in not cleared, and later in theora_granule_time

CP_INSTANCE *cpi=(CP_INSTANCE *)(th->internal_encode);
PB_INSTANCE *pbi=(PB_INSTANCE *)(th->internal_decode);

pbi=&cpi->pb; // here we access uninitialized memory

theora_encode_init does memset(th, 0, sizeof(*th)) so I figured that it
would be a good thing to do.

// Erik

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On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 01:13:59AM +0200, Erik Olofsson wrote:
> I found a bug in theora_decode_init when I was implementing the decoder.
> theora_decode_init should be zeroing the theora state structure right?

How so? Everything should be initialized properly. The only advantage of
nulling the structure ahead of time is if it's more likely to allow the
program to continue after an error. I don't believe this is such a case.

>   memset(th, 0, sizeof(theora_state));

Can you point to something specific that goes wrong without this line?


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