[Theora-dev] Binaries for Visual Studio.NET?

David Barrett dbarrett
Mon Aug 2 10:03:38 PDT 2004

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Thanks, this was a huge help!

Now I just need to use it.  Are there any "Theora for Dummies" guides or
tutorials for programmers?


On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 1:21am, illiminable wrote:
> I have a project in my directshow project which has a build setup for
> VS2003.NET (the 2002 file is probably still ok and called .vcproj.old
> inthe
> dir too)...
> You can find my build setup of the latest released theora source (alpha
> 3)
> at
> http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/oggdsf/src/lib/codecs/theora/libs/libtheora/
> This is actually all that's added....
> http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/oggdsf/src/lib/codecs/theora/libs/libtheora/win32/libtheora/
> It has a dependancy on libogg project too, so you may need to change
> some
> include paths and "Project Dependancies"/library paths to point it to
> your
> libogg project.
> Though if you pull my entire project structure
> out(http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/oggdsf/), the main solution is configured
> to
> find libogg in that tree already.
> You either need to build both libogg and libtheora as dynamic (and
> include a
> .dll for each whenever you are debugging (ie DEbug->Start New INstance)
> or
> distributing... or a possibly better solution is to build libogg static
> and
> libtheora dynamix meaning you have only one dll for theora. The
> downside is
> that if you include a few libraries dependant on libogg, some of the
> code
> will be getting duplicated but libogg is very small anyway so ti
> doesn't
> really matter.
> Zen.
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> Subject: [Theora-dev] Binaries for Visual Studio.NET?
>>  I apologize for what's surely a common question, but the Xiph
>>  archive-searcher seems broken, and all my other searches have come up
>>  dry.  Anyway, my question is:
>>  Are there any Theora binaries available for Visual Studio.NET?
>>  Alternatively, how do I build Theora using Visual Studio.NET?  I tried
>>  using "\win32\theora_static.dsp", but VS.NET claimed it was corrupt
>>  and couldn't upgrade it.  Then I build my own project using all the
>>  files in "\lib", but it had lots of Ogg dependencies.  So I tried to
>>  build Ogg, but had the same problems.
>>  I'm primarily interested in the last stable build (I think it's Alpha
>>  3?), and just a lib file and some headers would be dandy.
>>  Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
>>  -david
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