[theora-dev] getting ready for alpha 3

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at tabuleiro.com
Sun Oct 26 15:01:13 PST 2003

Just to let you know that the transcoder sample is not yet producing a fully
functional theora file. The frame data is actually ok, but the granulepos is
still not right. This will translate as a series of small freezes when
playing a transcoded stream in the player, since the granulepos will be
wrong after a keyframe, something like this if you are monitoring the
current stream time (pseudo values in secs  of course)


etc. Probably something simple needs to be changed in the transcoder, I will
have a look at it again in the near future.


<p>> I've just committed an image flip for compatibility with VP3 lossless
> transcode. Thanks to mau and derf for verifying that this was needed.
> It's a little hacky on the decode side; suggestions for improvement are
> welcome.
> Since this is a bitstream change, and we're still a ways from having a
> complete spec (which is the gating item for beta 1 and the bitstream
> freeze) we're going to do an alpha 3 release. Hopefully this will be the
> last bistream change, but we said that last time too so no promises.
> However, we don't have anything else in mind, and we've had longer to
> think of things this time. Help with the spec if you want this to be
> frozen as a supported format. :)
> Anyway, it's time to take a look at the code again and polish up
> anything you'd like so it's all shiny for the release. Test it with your
> applications and your files, and let us know about any problems.
> Progress at last,

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