[theora-dev] gcc 3.2 warnings

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Wed May 21 07:42:30 PDT 2003

This is mostly for derf, but others may be interested too. Attached are 
the warnings (stderr log) from compling theora under gcc 3.2.3 
(Debian). There quite a few. Many of them are spurious, but some 
indicate real bugs. In particular it seems likely we have more 
unitialized variables since Dan reports differing encoder output 
depending on the compiler used.

In general, we need to go through the warnings and look for real 
problems on whatever platforms we have access to. gcc, msvc and 
metrowerks codewarrior are a good start. It's good to remove them when 
we can even if they're not bugs to clean up the output, but note that 
by policy we disregard some, such as those warning about using standard 
C implicit type conversion.


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