[theora-dev] So, about that Beta...

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Mon Mar 31 16:39:51 PST 2003

Will there be a beta?

Any comments on what will be in it in terms of capabilities and

More specifically - I gather that "libogg2" is where most of the
changes that will make up the eventual beta are being implemented - 
is there any information available about what those changes will
accomplish/what capabilities they'll add?  If/when they get released, 
will the updates show up in the "ogg" module in CVS or another new one?

Any guesses how close to "final" the initial Beta will be when
it finally gets released?  (Alpha 1 looked good enough that if there's
been work going on with Theora all this time, I imagine Beta 1 will
be in pretty good shape...)

How far has the 1.0 release been pushed back from the original
June 2003 prediction?

Will the theora.org website EVER be updated with news (and the long-incorrect
"how to get it from CVS" information fixed)?
(Would it help if someone volunteered to take over updating it?)

Will the annoying "project fanboy" ever quit asking snotty questions?....

Seriously, though - it's been over half a year since the sole release of
Ogg Theora code (Alpha 1).  Alpha 2 got pushed back several times and then 
quietly abandoned.  The last news I had heard was that instead there'd be a
March Beta instead of a second Alpha.  Obviously THAT's not going to happen
(well, maybe I shouldn't say that YET, there are a few hours left...) - how
are things?  And is there ANYTHING (reasonable) that can be done to help
get the project going, or at least more visible?  (There's very nearly NO
news anywhere...there has been ONE mention of Theora [about the 'include
codebook in headers' update] in the last 11 "Ogg Traffic" updates (all 
since the abandoned Alpha 2 was originally re-scheduled for release...) and
a bit of discussion of the Theora codec itself (outside the context of Ogg) on
the mailing lists, but that's about it...
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