[theora-dev] Legalese. What is stride?

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at tabuleiro.com
Mon Jul 7 16:22:44 PDT 2003

Hi dan. Sorry I missed the monthly meeting.

> 3) aspect ratio -- that's an important issue.  My assumption is that we
mean the aspect ratio of the pixels as opposed to the actual frame, but this
should definitely be clarified.

I have added support (at Philip's request) for the encoder to accept aspect
ration and frame rates from the command lines. It is in cvs.

Also added support for splayer to be able to play streams with no audio, in
order to help me test the transcoder draft on Windows.

There is one pending issue, regarding the transcoder from VP3. I am
implementing it as a separate tool, trying not to alter libtheora functions.
I already did a tool to extract video frame data from .avi, and dump it with
the appropriate headers etc to a theora stream. Did not work at first, of
course ... :) Before I spend several days debugging the byte data compared
with VP3 codecs I would like to ask a question: is this something we all
agree is necessary? Are we willing to make alpha3 for this change? It will
mean at least one header change (the reversed image flag.)


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