[theora-dev] Ogg questions (correction)

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Mon Jan 6 00:07:55 PST 2003

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 02:49:51AM -0500, Arc wrote:
>           Track 1             Crossfade            Track 2
>                             [ZZZZZZZZZZZ]
> A = Track 1 with n sec cut from tail
> B = n sec tail of Track 1
> C = n sec lead of Track 2
> D = the rest of Track 2
> Z = effects codec

My mistake, that's over-complicated.

             New Bitstream ->[11111111111]
 Z = effects codec

We would only need to divide A for the tail end, so we can start chain
in a new sequential track.  Also, in case some players only played the
first concurrent Vorbis stream, start track 2 as the first stream, then
the tail end of A as the second concurrent.  That way it'll cut only the
tail end of songs if the effects are not supported.

Less complicated view:

                     [111]             [222]               [333]
                     [ZZZ]             [ZZZ]               [ZZZ]

The "Effects" codec would only be needed to fade in/out the two vorbis
layers, and would end leaving the new track at 100%.  

I'm using vorbis as an example, the same could apply to speex, theora,

I could probobally write up a rough draft for a simple effects codec in
a few days, but I need to make sure I understand all this.. also, from
reading people on IRC and on the lists, it doesn't seem that most people
really know.

I also forgot to mention, a lossless video codec for Ogg would be nice,
and there are already a few patent-free video codecs available.  Would
make for great archivals.. but that's for another time, prehaps.

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