[vorbis-dev] Re: [theora-dev] Re: Ogg Internet Drafts - create application/ogg-vorbis, application/ogg-tarkin, etc.

Ross Vandegrift ross at willow.seitz.com
Thu Jan 2 11:45:44 PST 2003

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 11:53:45AM -0500, Carsten Haese wrote:
> The way I imagine
> it, there's no added complexity for the user at all. I imagine a very
> thin application that the user won't even have to see. That application
> would peek into the Ogg file, and determine which application to launch
> to handle the file. It could even have a reasonable default
> configuration, like launch the default audio player for Vorbis and the
> default video player for Theora, so the user won't have to do anything
> beyond installing it.

What happens when I write my super-duper-vorbis player application?  How
do I get my app registered as a handler for Vorbis files with your
"peeker" program?  Or as a user, I download someone else's
awesome-tarkin program and I want to use it instead of anything else.
Every shim-type program that I've ever used are frustratingly limited in
what you can make them do with applications they weren't designed with.

> As I explained above, the user won't see the generic tool. It is a thin,
> transparent layer that directs the file to the appropriate (specific)
> application.

I think such an application is also a pipe dream - many others have
tried and failed.  The multiple mime types approach is much more

Ross Vandegrift
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