[theora-dev] Interlaed video encoding.

Alejandro G. Belluscio baldusi at uol.com.ar
Wed Aug 27 13:55:26 PDT 2003


Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 5:39:06 PM, you wrote:

GXte> Thanks and I go now to print this patents for study it, in a fast view I
GXte> think than they afect my 3rd metode but the 2nd can be unafected, I ned to
GXte> study the patents depply and study a litle more patents for determine if the
GXte> metode 2nd are unpatented, in reality this can be aplicate using a trick in
GXte> any video compresion format whithot touch the compresor, using it at post &
GXte> pre filter level, If we used a Black and wite bar in midle of the assorted
GXte> field for separe this in the frane, this bar is simple to  detect and if the
GXte> bar is thatected the frame is interlaced and we can use a diferente
GXte> combination of black & white blocks to thetermine the fist field is pair or
GXte> odd.

Your mother tongue is Spanish?

Vuestra primera lengua is la lengua de Cervantes?

Best regards,
 Alejandro G. Belluscio 

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