[theora-dev] Interlaed video encoding.

GODA-XEN at terra.es GODA-XEN at terra.es
Tue Aug 26 15:38:34 PDT 2003

I like the posibiliti to add a metode for compress interlaced video in theora, and I think three metodes and are this:

1. compres the filed at separates frane streams, is the worst metode.
2. assort the first field of the frame to display in the top of the frane and the other in the boton for obtain one frame and make a frame whithot problem to compress whith all of the interlazed data but this image arent interlaced, we only ned 2 bites in the stream to mark it, one for indicate if the video are interlaced and the other for inthicate if the first field is the odd or the pair field the fist in the frane. we can ad a litle black bar in the midle for prevent interfernce in the assorted fields.
3. Extend field to frane, this metode is odd metode but it can be work veri well, compres the fisrt field to display as ussual, and the other field extend to the al frame using a metode similar to P franes, explication: the fisrt field to display is de O field and the second is de Pa field, in a key frane the O is a keyfrane and de Pa refer to the O field and himeself,  in  the P frane O only an refer to the previous O and Pa can refer to the previos Pa, the O in the same frane and himself.

For me the 3 is the more powerfull and the 2 is the more realistic for now and it is the simpler to implement.

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