archives/Re: [theora-dev] First steps towards a simple textstream format.

Sun Aug 10 09:14:59 PDT 2003

the first reason is the coollnes, but using my metod, the space saved is
good and in the worst scenario ( this is near to imposible) only the table
biger than the utf8 eqivalent, but the table not only mape character to
character, they can map a set of consecutive character only maping the fist
an the last plus a indicator, the table in any case isn't biger than 1~2K,
and is only put in the begining of the subtitle.

the complete maping of a romanic ( like spanish) cahracters only use 8bits
the complete maping of a cyrilic is only use 9bits
the complete maping of a press used japanese kanas/kanjis save 4 bits per
character over UTF8 in the worst case.

an the table is only used one time

For me the use of a endebed font isn't a obligation, but its ineresting to
ad this posiblility, Im a part of a spanish fansub and i know the real
problem and needs of
a subtitle format, and teh USF is very ambitious and surpas a lot every real
ned of a subtitle format, In my draft the endebed font is a posibility not a
obligation, the use is retricted wen isn't used de default font, but this
can be recomendable in some cases. in the reality the endebed font can de
unnecesari but it save the problem in a hardware implemetation of wen they
don't have a complete UTF8 font ( 8MBytes aprox), this equal the hardwarw
language compatibility with the actual dvd subtitle implemetation and the
nmg format.

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