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David Kuehling dvdkhlng at
Sun Aug 10 03:33:25 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Philip" == Philip Jägenstedt <philipj at> writes:

> Hi.  If we're both heading in the same direction, perhaps we should
> coordinate our efforts.

> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 01:15:08 +0200
> <GODA-XEN at> wrote:

>> I like this and I work in a subtitle format ( I don´t have anything
>> now, its only a draft of desirables specifications ), But I decided
>> to don't use UTF8, intested, I in the work to use a type of compresed
>> utf8 in other words, this format is similar to utf8 in some way.  my
>> idea:
>> 00000000-01111111 ->englsih characters, similar to utf8 1x... ->
>> indexed utf in a table

That looks like an ugly hack.  Where do you store the table?  If you
have to store a table somehwere in a header-packet, you could do a
better job by storing entropy-information in it and huffman-decoding
subtitles into UCS codes.  Anyway, subtitles shouldn't pose such a
bitrate-problem, no?

As someone who frequently works with multibyte character-sets, I just
want to emphasize how important unicode (whether UTF-8, -16, UCS or
whatever) is.  People tend to forget that there are non-european
languages, and even for european languages, the chaos crated by
ISO-8859-1 up to ISO-8859-15 is extremely problematic.


PS:  I didn't know that elvish is now part of unicode ;-)

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