[theora-dev] theora test suite

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Mon Sep 30 19:27:52 PDT 2002

some of you may find this helpful:

I've uploaded a short (5 second) raw clip in yuv4mpeg format, associated audio, and batch files to exercise the encoder & decoder examples. In addition I've included the file as compressed (test.ogg), and a longer version as well to test playback sync.

Notes: to use MPlayer with the -vo yuv4mpeg option, you need to get the latest release and compile it yourself (I don't think it's in the binary packages). I wasn't able to get it to work at the original resolution (560 x 320), but it works fine on this scaled-down version (352x208). Note however that the input file must be capable of rendering itself in YUV12 format to begin with; for instance, raw RGB files do not work.

The test suite can be found at:

ftp.vp3.com <ftp://ftp.vp3.com>

username: vp3

password: vp3dev

in folder ./theora, download test.zip into your examples directory, or somewhere else if you've put the example binaries in your path.

Hope this helps.

PS I did have one compile problem: I had to remove the -static flag on the link for player_example. Otherwise, I just got a 'file not found' error from bash. As a Linux dummy, perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I can't see it.

- dbm

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