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Aurelus aurelus at eml.cc
Thu Oct 24 07:13:31 PDT 2002

Op do 24-10-2002, om 16:10 schreef Monty:
> Does the player example report any audio problems for the folks having trouble?

No, I honestly have no idea what went wrong. Mplayer can play using oss
and sdl without a problem. I'm using the OSS driver with my card (an SiS
7018), and have no problems with others programs. I'm using this kernels
grom Gentoo: 2.4.19-gentoo-r9 (compiled by myself of course).

Do you have any suggestions of what I can try? Maybe adding some
printf's to the source? (I've already done that with the command that
opens the sound device; it got 3 (not negative).)

With regards / Met groet,
Taco aka Aurelus

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