[theora-dev] Changing video quality during encoding

KAMIL D kamil_dobkowski at alnet.com.pl
Fri Oct 11 16:30:45 PDT 2002

> Are you talking about the recent Theora alpha, or VP3 codecs for Windows/Quicktime? 
> We're considering creating a new discussion list to cover legacy VP3 codecs,wondering if there's interest here for that. 
> Right now this list covers two completely different codebases, the original VP3 VFW/QT codecs (which are in fact three >different projects for three OS's), and the Theora OGG project (presently Linux-based). Pending a new list, please preface >your questions with exactly what code you are building, ie VP3/VFW, VP3/QT/OSX, Theora Alpha, etc. 

THanks for your answer,

I use VFW codec. Currently I'm looking for a cheap ( or free )  low-bandwidth video codec for my project ( commercial ). I deep through Internet and found nothing ... Uff VP3 seems only reasonable codec around ( I didn't  get a response from On2 yet, but they are probably too expensive ), DivX has a limit of max 75 codecs running at a time ( I need more ). Latest build of Xvid output hangs my MediaPlayer and  crashes when closing. Sigma-stolen codec doesn't work at all. I don't know the license of Microsoft MPEG4.3.  I'm looking further because VP3 seems a little to slow - it has a very good image quality even at a low bitrates, so maybe there are some pre- post- processing routines, which slows it down ? I don't need such quality - maybe it would be possible to just remove this routines from the code to speed it up ? Or maybe you know some other reasonable codecs ( even including H.263 ). ( Yes, I know those are little off-topic questions, but I don't know what to do ).

Thanks in advance,

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