[theora-dev] Changing video quality during encoding

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Fri Oct 11 10:23:53 PDT 2002

Are you talking about the recent Theora alpha, or VP3 codecs for Windows/Quicktime?

We're considering creating a new discussion list to cover legacy VP3 codecs, wondering if there's interest here for that.  Right now this list covers two completely different codebases, the original VP3 VFW/QT codecs (which are in fact three different projects for three OS's), and the Theora OGG project (presently Linux-based).  Pending a new list, please preface your questions with exactly what code you are building, ie VP3/VFW, VP3/QT/OSX, Theora Alpha, etc.

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        I don't know how to change a video quality on the fly - I want to provide a slider with a preview window, so user could see the result immediately in this window. I tried to send ICM_COMPRESS_FRAMES_INFO to encoder or calling ICSetState() - with no success however. Am I doing something wrong ? How can I set 'lDataRate', 'dwRate', 'dwScale' parameters ? I tried every possible combinations and still no effects ..
        Also changing lKeyRate seems to have no effects ...
        Thanks in advance,

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