[theora-dev] Audio from fifo - That was it exactly

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Thu Oct 3 09:34:52 PDT 2002

On Thursday 03 October 2002 12:48 am, Caspian Maclean wrote:
> My first guess about the problem would be that the programs want
> to process the stuff in a different order, e.g. mplayer wants to
> output some sound before anymore video and encoder_example wants
> to receive some video before anymore sound.  This could easily
> depend on the order of stuff in the file mplayer is reading.
> The easiest solution I can think of would be to run 2 mplayer
> processes, one for video and one for audio.
> That's a bit wasteful, but I think it will work.
> I haven't tried it.

BINGO, as they say.  It appears you got it exactly right.  I just
tried it as you described and it works.  This also explains
why the separate mp2enc and mpeg2enc programs worked (mp2enc, 
for example, is only dealing with the audio stream, so it doesn't
metaphorically butt heads with the video encoder...) - and makes me
think that if I had a 'monolithic' mp2-and-mpeg2 encoder program
that it'd have the same problem...

It further explains why DivX gets one step further into the audio before
getting stuck (presumably has a little more audio data before the video stream
starts?).  I suspect once the API/Format is solidified and people start
work on 'production' implementations that they'll be 'buffering' a certain
amount of the streams before they start processing to get around this issue?

That being the case, is there any chance that the next test release
(soon?) include a 'muxer_example' that can take audio from one .ogg
file and video from another to create a unified Ogg Theora file from
them (so that audio could be encoded with vorbisenc or whatever utility and
the video alone could be handled by the encoder_example, analogous
to the way mp2enc and mpeg2enc work - mainly for performance and quality


Incidentally, the video I'm testing on is from the Prelinger archives,
and therefore should be freely redistributable.  I downloaded the high-quality
mpeg2 version and am using it to test the re-encoding.  If it would be useful
to someone, I can encode the file at a couple of different bitrate/quality
settings and upload the resulting 'Ogg-Theora-Alpha-One' files somewhere as
'real world' examples...

P.S. I also would vote for 'aspect ratio' support soon, but while I imagine
adding it to the ENcoder would be a relatively trivial (I say this with the
assuredness of someone who assumes SOMEONE ELSE will do it ) matter of adding
a command-line switch to the encoder_example (and, of course, agreeing on how
and where to represent that bit of information in the video stream), adding
it to the DEcoder would involve adding routines to do scaling of the video 
before display, which I imagine is rather less trivial - so I'm guessing it's
probably not worth the effort until the structure is more finalized...
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