[theora-dev] Status?

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Tue Oct 1 21:19:24 PDT 2002

What's the current status of VP3/Ogg integration?  The CVS doesn't seem
to be very active - and (maybe I'm not looking hard enough) I don't see
any ogg-specific stuff here.

I'm one of around 30 global techs for Indymedia, one of the last things
we need for full adoption of free media formats is a free video format.
We're working hard to promote Vorbis, many of the local IMCs
(Independent Media Centers, a list of which is on the left-hand side of
the global site indymedia.org) have started promoting it either as an
exclusivly-supported audio format or as a choice for publishers.  A bulk
of the video available on the network is in Real format, the longer we
go without a free alternative the more video will continue to be
published in non-free formats (and thus a lengthier process to reencode
from archives).

In the effort of getting Ogg Theora available I'm willing to devote a
portion of my time on the Theora project.  I'm a coder and because of my
work on our audio encoding library for Freeform (one of the codebases
for IMC sites) I'm familiar with the basics of libogg.

Is there a roadmap? Tasklist? Or are we all just looking at this gift
we've been given and scratching our heads trying to figure out what to
do with it? :-) Thanks, and look forward to working with you all.
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