[theora-dev] VP3/QT: Fix for QuickTime 6 GDI bug

Daniel B. Miller dan at on2.com
Thu Jul 18 15:18:41 PDT 2002

thanks plenty!  I just did some builds for the QT6 release, but no one
at Apple mentioned this.  My bad for not staying on top of the devlist.
Oh well.

 ___  Dan Miller
(++,) CTO and founder, On2 Technologies

On 18 Jul 2002, Eric M. Kidd wrote:

> QuickTime 6 for Windows breaks the VP3 codec quite severely--if you turn on "Safe Mode" (which forces QuickTime to draw through GDI), you'll see a white or black screen instead of video.  This is logged as bug  #2111990 in Apple's QuickTime feedback system.  The fix is a classic one-liner, although it took me a long time to figure it out. :-/
> Also attached is a patch to bump the codec version.  This is a pretty messy process, so I've also included a HACKING.txt file listing all the different version numbers, and what they (apparently) mean.
> My employer is hoping to ship a codec built from this source code with one of its CD-ROM products.  So far, this patch has passed our in-house testing with flying colors.
> In the future, would you like to receive one big patch file, or a
number of "single-feature" patches?

I don't mind a few patches, it helps to identify which changes correspond
to specific problems.  However, I would like to know if possible when you
think you've come to a stopping point so I can do a merge.

I'll be in Austria (MPEG) next week, not sure how much time I can devote,
but I hope to check your patches out before I go or on the plane, just to
get the process going.

Thanks again for all the work.
> Many, many thanks for all your help!
> Cheers,
> Eric

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