[theora-dev] VP3/QT: A new kdxlqt_CodecVersion patch

Eric M. Kidd Eric.M.Kidd at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Jul 23 15:18:37 PDT 2002

The new codecs work great with QuickTime 6 (thank you!), but there's no way for an application to identify them.  And since the older 3.2.1.x and 3.2.2.x installers will actually *downgrade* the installed version of VP3, it would be nice if an application could warn the user.

The attached patch increments kdxlqt_CodecVersion (and documents all the Component Manager arcana involved).  This version can be retrieved using the Component Manager.

I've also attached a HACKING.txt file which can go in Codecs/quicktime/.  This file describes (for now) all the different version numbers I've found in the VP3 QuickTime codecs, and how to increment them correctly.  Handy for those of us who don't know our way around yet. :-)

Dan Miller--are these patches acceptable?  If you have time to build official binaries before Aug 1, I can get them sent to a commercial Win32 testing house which will be testing our applications and in a wide variety of sadistic configurations.

Many, many thanks for all your help!


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Here's all the different version numbers we've found in the VP3 QuickTime
codec.  All of these need to be incremented when making a release.

If you find more version numbers in the code…Í”°Á±•…Í”…‘Ñ¡•´4)ѼÑ¡¥Ì™¥±”¸4(4(€€¨•¹•É¥Œ½‘á±ÅÑ}½‘•Œ¹È4(€€€€´M!=IQYIM%=9MQI%9聍ÑÕ…°Ù•ÉÍ¥½¸¹Õµ‰•È¸4(€€€€´1=9YIM%=9MQI%9聍ÑÕ…°Ù•ÉÍ¥½¸¹Õµ‰•È¸4(€€€€´€Ù•ÉÌœ°€Äè%¹É•µ•F†—&B†W‚çVÖ&W"'’âF†—2—27V&÷F–ÖÂÒÐТ—BFöW6âwBÖF6‚F†Röff–6–ÂfW'6–öâçVÖ&W"ÒÖ'WB—B6VV×2Fò&PТF†R7W'&VçB6öçfVçF–öâàТÒwfW'2rÂ#¢6ÖR2&÷fRàРТ¢™\šXËÙ]Þ˜ÜBˆHÙ]ÐÛÙXÕ™\œÚ[ÛŽˆ[˜Ü™[Y[žHˆ
Y\ˆ™XY[™ÈH›ÝJKƒBˆ\È\ÈHÛ›H™\œÚ[Ûˆ[X™\ˆX\Ú[HXØÙ\ÜÚX›HÈ]ZXÚÕ[YCBˆ\XØ][ÛœË[™]\Èpecial format.  Applications which
      require a particular version of VP3 should query this on startup,
      because older On2 VP3 installers will *downgrade* the installed
QaP聍ÑÕ…°Ù•ÉÍ¥½¸¹Õµ‰•È¸Ò%7G&–ætf–ÆT–æfò"Â$f–ÆUfW'6–öâ#¢7GVÂfW'6–öâçVÖ&W"àТÒ%7G&–ætf–ÆT–æfò"Â%&öGV7EfW'6–öâ#¢7GVÂfW'6–öâçVÖ&W"àР   𸬵ªÜ†+Þ²m§ÿðÃb¦+ƒö«r¯zÏ΂
k¢7œ¶&z– zm§ÿðÃb¦+ƒú ƒôèº{.nÇ+‰·Ÿ®‰­†+%ŠËlzwZ™ë,j­¢Ø^¢¶zúު笷©†Šàr‰íj)âž
+véì¹»®&ÞŠ{ayºÈÚ,¹¸ÞrجçyÕ'²æìr¸›zg¬±¨²Ç§¶Ú-…éb²Ü"–VÞŠ	è­ç~)mz·

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