[theora-dev] Boring but useful VP3/QT patches

Daniel B. Miller dan at on2.com
Thu Jul 18 18:42:58 PDT 2002

ok -- the .dsw patch was easy.  I'm having a problem with the cvs patch,
which may simply reflect on my ignorance of the proper use of the
Cygwin/GNU toolset.

I am attempting to run patch as follows:

patch -d vp32 <vp32-cvs-ignore-patch.diff

and get output like this:

The next patch would create the file `.cvsignore',
which already exists!  Assume -R? [n]
Apply anyway? [n]
Skipping patch.

<p>It looks to me like patch is trying to put each .cvsignore in the vp32
directory rather than the specified subdirectories such as

It seems like I need some option to get patch to use the 'Index:'
commands.  I looked at the man page, it goes on about how patch tries to
derive the filenames, but I am still confused.  Any help would be

<p> ___  Dan Miller
(++,) CTO and founder, On2 Technologies

On 18 Jul 2002, Eric M. Kidd wrote:

> I think I'll start with the simple stuff, just to be safe. :-)
> Here are some cvsignore updates, and a fix for the inter-project dependencies in the MSVC *.dsw file.
> Cheers,
> Eric

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