[theora-dev] More introductions

Eric M. Kidd Eric.M.Kidd at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Jul 17 15:51:48 PDT 2002

--- "Tabuleiro" wrote:
Hi, guys. I was working with the VP3 code, planning to integrate it with Ogg
for a self-contained solution for video playback, platform independant, no
installation required, no QT, no AVI runtimes. My main interest is CD-based
work using local files and portability/performance, not really into
streaming or anything fancy (network error correction, prediction, etc.) Not
sure if Theora will cater for my needs or if I should continue with my
current development plans...
--- end of quote ---

This sounds really cool!  We get our video from  CDs and webservers--nothing fancy--and would definitely be interested in a simple, portable framework.

The existing systems (QuickTime, VFW, Real) are very complex, frequently buggy, and messy to install.  I think there's a real market for simple, self-contained VP3+Vorbis playback library.  I'd love to see Theora evolve in this direction.

How much work do you think would be required to get from here to there?


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