[theora-dev] Unsolicited Theora News...

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Sun Dec 15 19:36:27 PST 2002

No chastisements, this is helpful.  Hopefully Monty will be back onto Theora-specifc stuff very soon.  I know there is still a commitment to get A2 released before the end of the month.

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        ...No, the subject isn't a complaint - it's an offer...
        I just noticed that the Theora.org website was finally updated
        again over a week ago.  In the event that there's anyone else lurking
        on the list watching for news (as I have been), the gist of it is "Theora
        Alpha 2 was originally scheduled for December 1st, but has been delayed
        by the Thanksgiving Holiday."
        It goes on to say that Alpha two will probably be released a week ago :-)
        (December 5th).
        In other news:
        The CVS page still says to checkout the "vp32" module, though the actual
        Theora implementation is actually the "theora" module (appropriately enough).
        There have been no CVS updates in either module since September 25th, though.
        I don't know if Alpha 2 will show up as an update to the theora module or as
        a separate module.
        The October 1st "Ogg Traffic" issue gives a clue about the silence in
        Theora development, though - apparently, horrible selfish people are
        making Monty work on silly frivolous things like the Tremor encoder and
        bitrate peeling.  The nerve of some people.  How dare they make him work
        on THEIR silly requests instead of OUR silly requests...
        (YES, that was a feeble attempt at humor.  Relax...)
        (Okay, so I'm eager to see Ogg Vorbis support start showing up in portable
        players too, and bitrate peeling IS a really nifty feature after all. 
        Question - will bitrate peeling also be applicable to Theora, or only
        Vorbis audio?  Another question - what is/will be new in Theora Alpha 2?)
        And, finally, some ignorant fool posted a bunch of "news" about theora to
        the theora-dev mailing list, despite only having the ability to play a mere
        peripheral role in the development (e.g. volunteer user documentation) and who
        therefore really doesn't know much about what's REALLY going on.  Fortunately,
        he will in all likelihood be denounced as a troublemaker and appropriately
        chastised for his arrogance.
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