[theora-codecs] VP3 playback problems

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at xiph.org
Fri Jun 27 08:56:27 PDT 2003

John, sorry for the confusion. I was talking about this post from Youri

>Try the codecs at http://kyoto.cool.ne.jp/vp3/codec/vp3e_download.html
>(VfW only) where the "Improved Codecs" have some bug fixes and a more
>tuned decoder, so resulting in less demanding playback. >To the developers:
have these changes already been commited to CVS (and
>if not, can they be)? It would be nice to see a codec which
>encompasses updates from 'unofficial' contributors into a single
>package, because right now it is not really clear which codec should be

<p>What I mentioned is that this build of the codec (done in November/02) does
not contain changes/bug fixes/optimizations that can be incorporated into
the cvs tree, according to the original Japanese developer. Hope this is

<p>> Hm well a memory leak seems fixed.
> BTW I can do 720 576 at 25 fps on 900 duron. GF200 Ti. DX9a
> No problems

<p>My experience shows that a lot of time is spent writing pixels to the
screen, not decompressing the frames, so video drivers really make a
difference when it comes to playing fullscreen video in any format. I can
play 800X600 24fps video on a PIII - 550Mhz with only occasional glitches,
but using 95% of the cpu.



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