[Speex-dev] Question about speex encode function

Alireza RSL ar.77.rsl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 08:51:50 UTC 2021

Hello to the speex team :)
I am working with speex to implement a wav to spx codec running with
STM32F407 discovery board.....
I used sampleenc.c in Sample code with a few changes in fread and other "f"
functions to make them compatible with chang FatFS library.... but the main
body for speex operations is the same...
when my code reaches the line that contains "speex_encode_int" the code
stucks in line (mode)->enc(state, in, bits);
I don't know why... I also searched in :

/** Main encoding function */
typedef int (*encode_func)(void *state, void *in, SpeexBits *bits);

and find out it doesn't have any Reference code for encode
Do you have any ideas?
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