[Speex-dev] Question on speex encode and decode

drulz ruellm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 05:40:53 UTC 2020

hi Speex dev,

I am just confuse on what is the resulting format after I can
speex_decode() is it PCM, WAV, OGG, etc?

Ive got a code I am trying to port to HTML/nodejs and the code uses
libspeex (C++), it calls the speex_decode and then sendds it to webrtc audi
for playing. I already compiled the library to webasm and I want to play
the resulting buffer after decode in HTML/JS. I am just confuse what is the
format decode return so I can check how to convert it to a format that HTML
can play.

Ive been stuck on this for a week now as a blocker, if anyone can
enlighten me please.

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