[Speex-dev] delay between speex_echo_capture and speex_echo_playback

Steven Eckhoff steven.eckhoff.opensource at gmail.com
Wed May 4 19:52:24 UTC 2016


I have been attempting to implement speex aec in an Android HAL without
success. In my debugging, I have decided to time a pulse through the system
and I am seeing a large delay between passing audio to Audioflinger and
getting it back to play. This is causing a delay around 90ms between
speex_echo_capture and speex_echo_playback. The documentation states that
the async api will insert a 2 frame delay (40ms in this case). To me this
seems like my issue. The delay is simply longer than the two frames that
the async api is using.

Is my thinking correct? Is there anything I can do?

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