[Speex-dev] Compilation failure in resample_neon.h on aarch64

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Mon Jul 6 07:35:51 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm updating OpenEmbedded-core's speexdsp from 1.2rc1 (when it still was
a part of the speex source tree) to 1.2rc3. I found out that building
the new version for aarch64 fails in resample_neon.h (the target machine
is OE-core's default qemuarm64 target). This is the error message:

.../speexdsp-1.2rc3/libspeexdsp/resample_neon.h:148:5: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'
     asm volatile ("  cmp %[len], #0\n"

I haven't dealt with assembly code enough to be able to decipher the
error message. Does anyone have ideas how to fix this, or have further
debugging advice? For the time being I'll resort to using --disable-neon
when building for aarch64, that allows the build to succeed.

I don't know for sure that this is aarch64 specific, because it seems
that OE-core's 32-bit qemuarm target doesn't have NEON support
available, so I haven't tested building for NEON-enabled 32-bit ARM.

(Jyri, in case you wonder, I put you in CC since you're the author of
the failing code. The commit is from 2011, though, so you might not
remember anything about it :)


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