[Speex-dev] About echo_diagnostic.m

Kaiyu Jiang jiangkaiyu at hccl.ioa.ac.cn
Fri Mar 9 21:22:54 PST 2012


I want to ask what's the intention and expected input of  this matlab
script echo_diagnostic.m in \libspeex

It seems to be calculating the wiener filter directly from a long block of
data, meanwhile calculating the delay change between the first and second
half of the data.
My question is
1. Is the data required to be clean echo, no double-talk?
2. What is the proper length of the data?
3. rec = [rec; zeros(1024,1)];
    play = [play; zeros(1024,1)];
    What is the purpose to add 1024 zeros?

Thanks in advance.

Kaiyu Jiang
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